Memory has always been something of a mystery to me. It is subjective, out of my control, and yet it is universally coveted. Photography has, in many ways, stemmed from this desire to preserve memory. I am interested in this relationship between photography and recollection; of past imprinting itself onto the present. Surfaced is a way of depicting this union of past and present - something that was once in existence and whose impression still lingers. I photographed shadows as they are not in any way solid; they are an immaterial impression of one’s presence in the world, like a memory. 
These photographs all incorporate the depiction of a shadow of a hand as it is a prominent symbol of the way in which a person experiences the world. They are eyes for the blind and vessels of communication for the deaf. The hands depicted in my work touch on this symbolism of experience and impression to reflect when the memory was made. In referencing the formation of memory while combining it with the ethereal nature of shadow, I tried to convey the loss of a part of a life returned, if only for a moment.

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